About Us

The South-East Woodland Project was founded in 2020 with extensive thought being put into the reinvigoration  of the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it. We are based in the southern regions of England and promote sustainable beliefs into all the things that we do. 

It is our intention to incorporate sustainable practices into a wide range of eco-friendly projects, resulting in significant and progressive changes to the landscape within Great Britain. 

We raise money for a multitude of projects by conversing with councils as well as organisations that want to positively impact the environment with newly funded heathland walkways, benches, bird observation points, planting projects and many more. We assure that the contribution you make shall be used to positively impact the Great British landscape in a multitude of environmentally friendly ways. 

The South-East Woodland Project input the extent of our knowledge into many initiatives regarding sustainability and aspire to coincide with people and organisations who wish to incorporate their beliefs in a way that creates continued and lasting change. We take great care in the quality of our work and extend our helping hands out to likeminded organisations who share the same goals as us regarding elegance and continued conservation within the environment. 

One of the many initiatives we strive  to involve people with is extensive tree planting. The South-East Woodland Project chooses to predominantly plant native broadleaf trees such as Oaks, Ash, Sycamores, Field Maple, Alder and Willow. We plant trees to help facilitate rising global temperatures caused by CO2 levels as well as creating habitats for the vast variety of woodland wildlife we raise money to protect; further adding to the naturel beauty of the landscape we all love to enjoy. 

We engage with members of the public and local community groups to establish these plans and bring them together in a way that supports mental states and raise self esteem levels. We do this by giving people an opportunity to come with us and take part in the activities that we offer. 

The enhancement of the environment can have massive effects on our lives, resulting in raised consciousness levels and higher involvement in community activities. The education of people on why sustainable outcomes are so important is another reason why The South-East Woodland Project is such a passionate believer of connecting with people who share the same values as us. It is our intention to incorporate our beliefs into all people who care for the environment as well as its inhabitants. The South-East Woodland Project shall do all that is necessary to fund these improvements to the environment with kind donations made by the public and likeminded organisations. 

Developing relationships is something The South-East Woodland Project strives to do and prides ourselves on bringing eco-friendly solutions to the public with sustainable outcomes as our main incentive. Take pleasure that a monthly donation to The South-East Woodland Project is a worthy contribution to the reinvigoration of our landscape through a wide range of projects spanning all across Great Britain.  

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A Public Footpath
A Deer Family
A Tree Planting Project
Emperor Dragonfly
The South-East Woodland Project Planting Project
Oak Acorn
Tree Planting with Community