Red Deer

The Red Deer is the largest mammal living in Great Britain. The antlers are distinguishable due to their large size and live in parts of the British mainland, mostly West England, East Anglia and the Scottish highlands. 

The Red Deer is a native species that needs to be protected at all costs. Although the Red Deer has no predators, it is important to keep the numbers from declining so native native grazing rates can be managed and the landscape can thrive with an abundance of wildlife in harmony with nature. 

Fact - The Red Deer antlers start growing at 10 months old and can reach a length of 3 feet (92 cm).

Due to the fact that Red Deer inhabit mostly dense woodland areas, the numbers are hard to gather but from recent estimations, the population of Red Deer currently stand at 400,000 with an increase of 0.3% every year. Deforestation will continue to negatively effect year. Deforestation will continue to negatively the habitat of Red Deer so see how you can make a difference by donating to a foundation.

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