The Hedgehog has always been a beloved favourite in peoples gardens through Great Britain but their in decline since the 1950s. Although you may see them roaming about, it is important to consider that their numbers need to be maintained.  

Hedgehogs are hibernating mammals that spend most of their day foraging for beetles, worms, caterpillars and slugs. They need a nest which is built from leaves and twigs next to a log or any other place that offers protection. In recent years, the population of hedgehogs has gone down due to the growing rates of deforestation but with your help we can change that. 

Fact - The hedgehog's noticeable "spikes" know as quills are made of keratin. This is the same material fingernails are made of. This is the same material fingernails are made of. The hedgehog, like other mammals, have been developing their quills for millions of years to have the appearance they do. 

A contribution to The South-East Woodland Project means a greater number of green spaces can be made to suit the hedgehog through protected planting projects. These native trees shall create sustainable habitats where animals like the hedgehog are able to thrive. Click the plans and pricing option for more information!

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