Foxes are shy creatures which are active from dusk. Omnivorous creatures, foxes search for food such as rats, mice, rabbits, field voles, deer fawns as well as fruit and vegetable varieties, bringing it back to a burrow. 

Foxes inhabit woodland areas all around the British isles. The burrow are far more suited to such areas due to the freeness of its roaming nature. In recent decades, the habitats of foxes have been destroyed due to large amounts of areas being industrialized with housing and other developments. This has meant that foxes have had to adapt to urban areas and this is why you see foxes today. 

Foxes are also distinguishable by their loud barking which is prevalent in winter months when foxes are in breeding season. Their litter consists of four of five cubs within a underground burrow or den. By the autumn time, the cubs are fully efficient and able to roam freely. 

Fact - The Fox has no active predators within Great Britain and sits at the top of its own food chain. 

There have been many talks held about the controversial traditions of foxhunting within Great Britain with a lot of people choosing to protest the hunting of foxes with dogs. Although the population of foxes has remained high, it is still important to consider why the abolishment of fox hunting needs to be scrutinized with more talks being held on the subject. 

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