The adder inhabits all of the British isles apart from Ireland with numbers considerably large in the northern hemisphere as a whole. This adder is commonly seen with a distinctive zig-zag pattern along the back of its scaley skin and measure between 60 - 80cm in length. Sightings of fully black adders have been seen but are less common. 

Woodland and heath habitats are the perfect condition for Adder due to the moisture and enclosed environment that they live in. Rivers, lakes and streams also support the Adders survival so keep a keen eye out for adders when out and about. 

Fact - The adder is Great Britain's only venomous snake. 

Although the adders venom is not as deadly as the venom of other species, it does not use its venom on prey to immobilize and then kill frogs, newts, small birds and their chicks. After the prey has been bitten, the adder eats whatever it has caught whole and digests the animal within its body for nutrients. 

As a cold blooded animal, the adder hibernates from October and emerges in March time during the hotter days. 

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