Adding Sustainability to the Syllabus

The South-East Woodland Project are passionate believers in sustainability and do all we can to encourage people to think about how they use their energy.

During the course of last term, we were fortunate enough to share our expertise with the year 6 classes of Greenfields Junior School. A short presentation was made to support them in their sustainability unit, with the information representing our collective need to think more about sustainability levels and how we can balance these levels with the planting of new trees. Topics in the presentation included:

  • Background on Sustainability & Why It's Important

  • Deforestation

  • Carbon Levels

  • Local History

  • Necessity of Community Projects

  • Tree Planting Techniques

A big part of the presentation highlighted the need to make real change when implementing new ideas about reducing our carbon footprint. We tried to make sure that the kids resonated with the fact that something needs to be done if we want to see sustainability levels change for the better. After the presentation, we went out to the sports field and planted some oak trees to give them an interactive experience rather than just learning in a class room.

We hope to do more educational things like this to keep the experience of learning fun whilst also giving them the knowledge and ambition they need to make real world positive changes.

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