The South-East Woodland Project donates canned goods to the Hart food bank

Updated: Aug 7

The South-East Woodland Project donated tinned goods to the Hart food bank today in support of their aspirations to help less fortunate people who are unable to feed themselves.

It is becoming more common now that people are struggling to put food on the table throughout the week due to the growing impacts of the food crisis within the UK. This has meant that families are going hungry and look towards institutions that are willing to help. People in our local community shouldn't have to worry about any shortages of food and the consequences this may have on their day to day lives and this why The South-East Woodland Project has chosen to give a little back.

In an effort to give a helping hand, we have raised enough money to replenish the Hart food bank with food that they were in dyer need of. We are incredibly happy to give our services for matters such as this and shall continue to do so for local communities and the residents that we reside with. We hope that the families receiving our supporting donation remain happy and proceed with their lives with certainty that their needs are being supplemented with an institution that has their contentment at the forefront of The SEW P's mind.

Founder of the South-East Woodland Project - Michael Rhodes

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