The South-East Woodland Project in the wild with Dragonflies.

The South-East Woodland project were present on a field meeting with The British Dragonfly Society to survey species of dragonflies and damselflies in Crowthorne.

The field meeting involved surveying the beautiful landscape at Bucklers forest, taking in all the surroundings and investigating the habitats where dragonflies and damselflies were present. Binoculars and magnifying glasses allowed for species identification with an insight into the variety of characteristics dragonflies have; all in tune with nature.

The variety of lakes and ponds were ideal habitats for dragonflies due to the water and greenery. As dragonflies thrive in these kinds of environments, there were many species of dragonflies and damselflies on show for our inspection. The representative from the British Dragonfly Society shared his knowledge with the other keen dragonfly enthusiasts whilst walking around the environment. After an amount of time at each pond location, everyone then shared their sightings and information with one another to gain a better understanding of the diversity that goes with the dragonflies' life cycle.

Although most of the ponds were in a thriving condition, one pond had certainly seen the scorching effects of the recent heatwave. This could be seen with the cracking of the earth where water had once added to the nourishment of the surroundings. Dragonflies as well as damselflies were still present due to the stems of the greenery that survived but numbers were more scarce in these locations.

Nevertheless, the day was very enjoyable with a lot of valuable knowledge being gained.

The South-East Woodland Project shall continue to survey and monitor the variety of dragonfly species with conservation projects and information events that educate people on the importance of these insects.

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