The South-East Woodland Project plants 100 trees in the name of carbon reduction.

I'm delighted to announce that SEW P has joined forces with CityGate group to bring carbon offsetting to the public. This partnership has been developed with the aim of giving motorists a green energy supporting opportunity to balance the miles driven on a yearly basis.

Sustainability ideals with relation to cars are the shared interest when thinking about how new and existing ideas continue to shape the globe. Encouraging people to think differently about rising emissions is the focal point when trying to amplify our eco friendly ambitions. Developing alternative ways of trying to affect the world is our prime focus and we strive to achieve these green energy goals in the most positive way.

SEW Ps visions is to accommodate for the fluctuating levels of carbon within the atmosphere. The hope is to empower the relationship the driver has with their car whilst giving them piece of mind that their miles shall be offsetted through environmentally friendly needs.

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